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Among the leading inverter suppliers in Chennai

Whether you are looking to buy an inverter for your home or for your office, you need the best inverter dealers in Chennai and the best inverter distributor in Chennai to get the right product. Further, you can also save a lot in the setup cost if you reach out to the right company.

Sunrise Power Solutions has links with all leading inverter manufacturers in Chennai and we are authorized inverter dealers in Chennai. We carry rich experience in this domain and can help customers make informed choices within the limits of budget and needs.

Exide Inverter

Exide offers a range of inverters to keep all appliances running smoothly in the event of a power failure/interruption. They are completely customisable and offer excellent peace of mind in a work from home scenario.
Sunrise Power Solutions is one of the best Exide inverter dealers in Chennai. For more details and plans, contact us.


Amaron Inverter

Amaron inverters are a trusted bulwark against power failures and voltage fluctuations. They are rugged in performance, elegant in design and offer solid protection to home appliances.
If you are looking for the best amaron inverter dealers in Chennai or a reliable amaron inverter distributor in Chennai, Sunrise Power Solutions is the brand to come to!

luminous Inverter

Luminous Power Technologies offers excellent invertors that are fair in pricing and superb in performance. Sunrise Power Solutions is among the leading luminous inverter dealers in Chennai. We are also a reputed Luminous inverter distributor in Chennai.


Microtek Inverter

Microtek offers a variety of inverters for homes, offices and shops. The company’s products are used by over 120 million users worldwide and it has excellent product and brand recall.
Sunrise Power Solutions is the number 1 among Microtek inverter dealers in Chennai. We are also a recognized microtek inverter distributor in Chennai.

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Smart Technology

We offer the best technology products. As the authorized dealer for all leading battery brands, we offer the best solutions.

Best & Reasonable Prices

Since we are authorized dealer for many different brands, we offer the best and reasonable prices.