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Inverter Battery

Among the top inverter battery dealers in Chennai

Purchasing an inverter battery requires a lot of thought. It depends on the power requirements, how it is matched with the inverter, the duration of backup and how long the system is to be run. Thus, you will need some good advice on how to choose the most suitable inverter battery.

Among the best inverter battery suppliers in Chennai, we bring unmatched subject matter knowledge and expertise. Any inverter battery manufacturer in Chennai will require the best dealers and we are positioned among the best inverter dealers in Chennai, thereby giving confidence to both manufacturers and consumers.

Exide Inverter Bettery

Sunrise Power Solutions is among the leading exide inverter battery dealers in Chennai. We offer tubular and flat plate batteries and are reputed for our fast response and customer service. This has given us the top spot among the exide inverter dealers in Chennai.


Amaron Inverter Battery

Amaron inverter batteries offer improved safety and long life. They do not require any maintenance also. With proper maintenance, Amaron inverter batteries will offer long service life and hassle-free performance.
Sunrise Power Solutions is among the best Amaron inverter battery dealers in Chennai. As a leading Amaron inverter distributor in Chennai, we have complete knowledge of all their products and applications.

Luminous Inverter Battery

Luminous Power Technologies offers an extensive range of solutions when it comes to inverter battery needs. They also offer both flat bed and tubular battery models in a range of choices.
Sunrise Power Solutions is among the best luminous inverter dealers in Chennai. We also are also a reputed luminous inverter distributor in Chennai.


Microtek Inverter Battery

Mictrotek Inverter batteries are affordable and are trusted for their quality and performance. Sunrise power solutions is a leading microtek inverter distributor in Chennai nd a leading inverter distributor in Porur.
We are also ranked as the best microtek inverter dealers Chennai an the best inverter dealer in Porur.

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We offer the best technology products. As the authorized dealer for all leading battery brands, we offer the best solutions.

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Since we are authorized dealer for many different brands, we offer the best and reasonable prices.